About us

harechair® is the brand under which the highly innovative chair designs of Ton Haas are manufactured and distributed. The company's range of products is distinguishable by its ground breaking design, technology, and use of materials.

harechair's® continuing research programme investigates human lifestyles and cultures in relation to the daily use of seating products. We study the way people 'sit' and how furniture is used in order to find 'seatable' design solutions to fit ever changing environments.

harechair® has the drive and ability to anticipate, and by using technological and ergonomic innovations, we continue to make products that people understand, appreciate and are therefore happy to use! With this philosophy, combined with aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically sound products, harechair's® range is destined to become icons in the field of chair design.

The principal founders of harechair®, Sander van Doorn and Ton Haas, are real ‘chair’ men. Both have been dedicated to furniture design and development as well as to sales and marketing for over twenty years. Their experience and understanding of the seating market means harechair® delivers value and opportunities to clients, partners and investors worldwide.